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Thermal performance. What’s it all about?

Whether it’s understanding the components of windows and doors and how this affects the environment, or green regulations, it’s worth knowing what’s what when it comes to keeping the good stuff in your home, saving money and – in some cases – complying with the law.

A much better environment for everyone

Choosing uPVC double-glazing is great for you and your environment in more ways than you might think. Feel the benefits in winter, when you won’t have to deal with draughts, condensation or unusable conservatories. Be kinder to the wider environment with lead-free glass, and get away with turning your heating on less.

All of our windows are A rated for energy efficiency and are made of Low E coated glass and all our windows have a U value of below 1.4 Wm²K, which means that they work hard to keep your warmth inside your home.


You might need to know

It will be unlawful to rent out a property that breaches the minimum requirement of an E EPC rating as of 1st April 2018. If you’re a landlord, it’s time to get ready.


The Green Deal fund

Think energy efficiency is out of reach? Government funding could be available for insulation, heating, draught-proofing, double glazing and renewable energy generation.


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