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From click to fit, our approach to installing our customer’s new windows and doors is different. The customer roughly measures up and gets a quote from the comfort of their own home. They then choose styles, colours and hardware. We pop around to double-check everything, and when we are happy with the details, we get on with the job. The price we quote is the lowest price, and it rarely needs adjusting.

We make our own products to measure, using the highest quality materials and techniques in our South West factory, with a choice right down to the fixtures and fittings, and then we tidy up afterwards. It seems like the common-sense way of doing things, and our customers really notice.


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See more prospective customers virtually and earn more without travelling on the road, our network earns more than the biggest names in the industry.

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Our ordering process is seamless. You won’t find a salesperson anywhere, and our surveyors and fitters are knowledgeable, professional and get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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